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This was not just for Methodists, it was for anyone. It was promoted to other Methodist churches, other denominations and we passed the word to others about the day, to maximise the numbers and recover our booking cost as well as spread Gods word. The more the merrier!

On Saturday October 10th, 2015, the Circuit Stewards held a Walk through the Bible  seminar as promised.

It was about the Old Testament and held at Marton Methodist Church 9.15 for 9.30-5.00.

Many people are excited at this opportunity to share  the Big Picture of the Bible by tracing and learning the narrative thread of  the Old Testament. It is  a “multi-sensory approach to learning where you… sit, stand, listen, gesture, talk, share, laugh (a lot!)  and learn (loads)…” according to Rev Una. 

 “There is a screen which sometimes shows cartoons and  illustrations of what’s being related…. I enjoyed following the story and doing the actions..”
said Celia Shires.

Ruth Taylor points out that you also get a colourful workbook when you attend.