Chagunda Community Project

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Page last updated - 21 July, 2018 


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Chagunda Community Project    (Also known as Thee Malawi Project)

As in MEMO we have relaunched our project to help the people from the village of Chagunda in Malawi. Our aim over the next 12 months is to fill a 20 foot container with items they will find useful to be able to help themselves. We are also hoping to send them some generators and a corn grinding machine - any ideas where we can get any of those?!!

The list below is what we're hoping to collect over the coming months up to January 2015.

An updated list for the months after that will be sent out in December.

Please bring your items to Church if you can and I will arrange to collect things from there. If you have any difficulty with that please feel free to ring me on 01642-882673.

 Thank you so much.  Linda Harkins.

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