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MWiB Darlington District Project September 2015 to August 2016:

The Kinamba Community Project is registered both in Rwanda as a local NGO and as a UK charity. It provides educational opportunities for the people of the Urugero and Umutaka communities in the Kinamba area of Kigali, Rwanda.

The genocide of 1994 had a devastating effect on the lives and futures of a large proportion of the community. This project offers hope to war widows, genocide orphans, the marginalised and vulnerable people of Kinamba.

The project was established originally by local people in response to a local need for the poorest children to go to school.                  

In the beginning in 2005, there were 28 children attending a small nursery class. Now there are over 100 children in nursery classes and primary-aged children are sponsored to go to local primary schools. Students are also transferring to secondary school.

The project provides a number of educational opportunities for the youth and adults in the community. The adult project provides skills training and support for the people to find income-generating activities to enable them to feed their children, live with dignity and take control over their own lives.

Over time training and advice on HIV/Aids is being delivered as well as lessons in basic literacy and numeracy, classes for tailoring, to learn to make traditional baskets and jewellery for sale.

Increasing numbers of volunteers from many parts of the world work with the project to offer training and ideas for development.

Meg Fletcher became interested in this project when she was working with VSO in Rwanda after retiring from her job as a Primary Head teacher in the UK. She decided to support it because it was an idea generated by local people in response to a local need. Meg visits the project and works with them for about 6 months each year and plans to continue to do so until the project is self-sustaining. Meg is our link & she will enable us to keep in touch with how the programme is moving forward.

In 2008 the project bought the house and additional smaller buildings. Gradually the available spaces have been converted and created teaching spaces, a kitchen, play areas, stores and staff rooms, and children and staff toilets.

The project depends entirely upon donations & all money raised will provide a huge amount of assistance,

The MWiB Darlington District has chosen to work on behalf of this amazing charity to raise money to feed and educate the children of Rwanda as well as enable the charity to continue in its work for the good of the needy. Throughout the next 2 years we will hold events to raise money (for example coffee mornings, supermarket bag-packing, cookery demonstrations, craft sales etc.), and make collections of items and equipment to send out to Rwanda. Look out for what’s happening in our area!

“Kinamba Project”