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Safeguarding Policy

Dear Friends,

As a girl of about eight, my parents thought it would be a good idea if I learnt to play the piano - Mrs. Jones who lived in the village, and who also played the Chapel Harmonium every Sunday was asked if she would teach me. I spent four years practicing scales, learning the different times of a 'minim' and a 'crotchet' and the difference between 'f ' and 'p' until it was deemed possible for me to play for the children at Sunday School when I was about eleven. I hasten to say I was glad the children sang loud enough to cover my many mistakes!

I haven't told you of the difficulties I faced each time I went to my music teacher - you see - Mrs. Jones had a dog - one of those famous Corgis - and it really liked to bite my heels, what with that and the fact that every time I watched my fingers instead of the sheet music she rattled my fingers with her pencil - my relief was great when Mum and Dad felt I wasn't really making progress and I very happily withdrew.

NOW, I so wish I had persevered, for I have an ambition of one day being able to play the Pipe Organ! Who Knows - maybe in retirement? We owe a great deal of gratitude to our Musicians who faithfully make music on the various instruments across the Circuit and enrich our Worship in so many ways. Some have been playing for many, many years and we all say a huge, THANK YOU to each and every one of you!

At our recent Circuit Meeting it was pointed out that it would be beneficial to many of our Churches if we had a list of musicians who were willing to go, occasionally to play at other Churches in our Circuit. Not all need to be pipe organists - pianists, guitar players - in fact anyone who feels they could help lead Worship by offering their musical talent, would be really welcome to join a list of 'Itinerant Musicians.' The main thing would be a willingness to help another Church - Maybe as a 'one off' when the regular musician is away or poorly. Perhaps once every couple of months to help a Church family where they need more regular help. If you are interested in offering your help in this way - maybe you have been hiding your talent and feel now is the time to share it - Please give me a call and we'll explore how we can get this going. And, I PROMISE, there'll be no corgis! Just very, very appreciative congregations!!

With my Love to you all, God Bless you.

The Superintendent’s Letter

Rev. Sue Greenwood